Creating Art

My art is all about the wonders of life, as I see them. I love color, texture and pattern, and I am fascinated with the amazing details found in nature… the way a leaf curls to catch the rain, or the silhouette of a blackbird in the sky above me. My goal is to always be true to my passions in life. To explore and discover, to see my world with childlike wonder, and share my vision of those wonders through my artwork. My current work is mixed-media and includes acrylic paint, collage using paper that I hand paint using layers of patterns, and texture… sometime fabric and beeswax.

new places and spaces

The last year has brought many changes… my husband and I built a new home on a beautiful piece of property that inspires me every day. Truly a blessing! It’s a long story with twists and turns, but we are here, and hope to never leave.

inspiration is everywhere

I bought my first “real” camera when I was 17. I’ve always loved photography, and have been capturing images my entire life. I’ve been so inspired with the recent move and my art always blooms from inspiration. I shoot with my iPhone currently and I am amazed with the technology. I’m working on pieces for my upcoming solo show in 2024 at FIFTH AVENUE ART GALLERY, in Melbourne, Florida titled: SOUTHERN ROOTS, Where the Alligators Live. I love the southern landscape and nature that is part of who I am. I’ll be posting updates here.

inspirational images

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