Painting with Patterns

20140217-232514.jpgWhen I switched from oils to acrylics several years ago the primary reason was the fast drying time. I don’t like waiting, preferring to make changes as I go.
Currently, I am LOVING incorporating collage into my paintings. I keep coming back to the best description I can think of; painting with pattern. Where I would traditionally paint lights and darks and mid-tones… I am collaging with painted paper, or in some cases, applying paint in a pattern directly on to the canvas or board.
I love challenges in my art. I create them to try and keep my work fresh; sometimes with texture applied to the substrate before I have any ideas of subject matter. Most recently with using pattern.

The first step is to paint the papers I will be using to collage with. Some days that is all I concentrate on. I use acrylic paint, stencils, rubber stamps, bubble wrap…etc. on lightweight paper.
I like to first “prime” the paper with either white, black or gray gesso. Then lay out my palette and get started covering each paper with design .

here is a short video at my studio:
I promise, that next time… I will record footage with the camera rotated to fill the screen properly. Work in progress :)
I would love your feedback.
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Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Painting with Patterns

    1. Thanks Bridgette, as much as I don’t like seeing myself… ha ha, I know I always love the visual aspect of seeing some of the steps. I am planning
      to shoot some more with more of the actual process.
      I use inexpensive dry wax paper or deli paper (from Sam’s Club)and recently got some Lineco tissue paper that is really nice (Dick Blick).

      1. Thanks, I’ll have to pick up some butcher paper. I’ve been painting acrylics again and have been adding papers with markings I’ve made. I’ve been enjoying the process. I’m going to try your process although I don’t have any stencils- maybe I can make my own. Hmmm
        Hope you are well!

  1. I have made a few, and I use handcut stamps too. I also like to gesso the paper, (most of the time) It is still translucent and works well layering it with paint.

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