The flag project

Every November I participate in an art show in my town, called Artworks. This show requires the participants to demonstrate their art techniques to inform and engage the art lovers that attend. Personally, I like the interaction with an audience and enjoy sharing knowledge about my craft. This year’s Artworks festival was a short time after Veterans Day and it inspired me to do a collaborative piece creating the American flag in collage. I invited show patrons to make a small piece that would be a part of the large collage. I had prepared precut paper in red white and blue and each participant could collage and paint their small piece and choose a location to place it on the flag layout. 

I had a lot of helpers stop by to make a piece to add to the flag… Young and old, girls and guys. It was very exciting to see it take shape. The “volunteer artists” really enjoyed picking the perfect spot to add their masterpieces. Several days before the art festival I did a little research on veterans organizations in my area. NVHS National Veterans Homeless Support is a non profit organization with a mission to support homeless veterans in Central Florida with transitional housing, PTSD awareness, seasonal support and more. The  proceeds from the sale of the finished artwork will be donated to Port St John chapter of NVHS. 

 I’m back to work on the flag… Still creating small collages to fill in the empty spots and collaging and painting the border. I really love how it’s looking! A big thank you everyone that helped with it…  making it even more special. There are a few veterans names along with a surprise maple leaf (the Canadian flag) included… It all works. A great BIG THANK YOU to all the veterans that served and risked their lives to ensure Liberty for all their fellow Americans… especially those near to my heart :)  my dad, my father in law, my brother, my grandfather and my uncles.

If you are interested in owning an original artwork of the American flag for your home or office contact me! It will be finished soon.

One thought on “The flag project

  1. What a clever project this was and the end result is/will be beautiful and meaningful. You are so clever coming up with off the wall projects and I always enjoy participating in your projects when it’s “your turn” at the gallery. Kaye Boggs

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