Small Works; beeswax and all

Driving is a must for the annual “art-camp” adventure. The morning I was leaving my husband was helping load my suitcase and tiny cooler only to discover very little space was left due to the amount of art supplies I had packed the day before… I told him that if for some reason I didn’t make it to the mountains that I could always open an art supply store instead. I drive a Suburban. It holds a lot!

I’m happy to report I did arrive safely for my week of fresh mountain air and creativity! Several days I spent 14 hours in the studio… and by day 3 the creative juices were flowing. I tend to work on a smaller scale when I’m out of my studio due to both space restraints and a desire to experiment with new materials, techniques and ideas.

Some themes definitely repeat in my artwork over the years… I LOVE moon and stars, hearts and vessels. All of the small artworks I did at my workshop use beeswax as either the final layer or as the “glue” in multiple layers. Working with beeswax requires specific techniques for both safety and archival properties. I love challenges and problem solving in my art so I love working with beeswax.

I brought most of my materials back with me… I shared some things with my fellow artists and as always with workshops, lots of creative information and inspiration is exchanged. Most artists love to share techniques and resources… there is so much to try!




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