RENEE DECATOR, life stories


all good


IMG_4346 (800x800)Melissa Hall Art & Photography
mysteriously wonderful photography and mixed-media
wax-lover and the ferris wheel obsession


P1020783 (2) (604x800)

Photographer and graphic designer Suzanne Clements
smarty pants and creative …good combo, world-traveler



process-sewingevocative encaustics; books and paintings with natural materials… lovely



Just the most amazingly wonderful spice shop (online for me)
Check out their website… a great inventory of wonderful spices with recipes and the history of the spice usage.
They have the BEST selection of peppercorns, and I love their spice blends.

My Top 5 Restaurants
(this list will change periodically)

1. La Tour d’Argent Paris, France

Overlooking Notre Dame and the Seine, La Tour d’Argent claims to be the oldest restaurant in Paris… with an impressive list of  diners including King Henry IV, Louis XIV, Brad and Angelina. They feature a gentleman whose job is to “press the duck” for  canard à la rouennaise (or, “duck in blood sauce”). He stands at attention in front of this lovely ornate contraption with a large lid that screws down onto a base. The rare cooked duck pressed to release the juices and marrow for the sauce that accompanies the duck dish. I almost snuck a picture of the duck presser man… he turned my way just after I snapped the pic, and smiled.



2. The Jules Verne Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

This place is amazing… you are sitting in this beautiful industrial setting which sort of transports you to another time. The restaurant is located on the “second floor” of the Eiffel Tower. The view was amazing!!! The food was extraordinary :)


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