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A Meal of Titanic Proportions

On Saturday, April 18th… 103 years and 1 day after the RMS Titanic tragically sank after colliding with an iceberg on her maiden voyage destined for New York City, I … Continue reading

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Life > Lemongrass > meatballs

I love cooking with lemongrass… in all forms. I buy it fresh whenever I see it and I alway keep a “tube” of it in the fridge. Look in the … Continue reading

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The Goods

So many goods… Here in Savannah, Ga. Good atmosphere, sights, food, shopping. spending the weekend, loving the weather and the company:) and that it is only a 5 hour drive … Continue reading

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The Title Eludes Me…

NOT Maybe it is due to the exuding energy of new creative ventures… but usually, the title for a new piece of art or in this case blog titles, ┬ápop … Continue reading

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