Dreams & Wishes, Birds & Fishes

Dreams and wishes…
My dad was a dreamer. He forever had plans and projects. He was hard-working from a young age, having grown up in Appalachia during the depression. A man of great fortitude. I loved being a part of his dreams.

He was always a vegetable gardener like his mother before him. If he wasn’t planting or harvesting, he was making a list of the seeds he wanted to order for next season. I still remember the last order we made together. When he died at 94 and 3/4 and his home and property were sold, I realized how special those times in the garden together had been. I had an overwhelming desire to find my “garden” in this world. After an extensive search, and numerous circumstances that were blessings in disguise, my husband and I found 3 acres of property and we are going to have a farm of sorts. I’m looking forward to spending time with my dad and grandmother in my garden.

Dreams and Wishes, Birds and Fishes will showcase the artwork that has been inspired by all the blessings in my life and the big dreams that make each day exciting and full of possibilities. I wanted this collection to be dreamy and full of surprises, with love and hope and lots of fun 2D and 3D art that expresses the wonders that I encounter each day.’

Some of the art created for Dreams & Wishes, Birds & Fishes

8 thoughts on “Dreams & Wishes, Birds & Fishes

  1. Hello Renee, I purchased your giclee today of Garden Girl. I loved the full size piece at the gallery but could not get it . I also selected a card of “Girl with Geese” She is so sweet. Do you have a giclee of that work too? I would like to obtain one if you do.

    1. Hi Helen, Thanks for the purchase! I do think I have one of Girl with Geese. The original piece was a rectangle… 18 x 24″, so it will not be the same size (square) as Garden Girl. I will look at my studio tomorrow and let you know if I have one, and what size. Renee

      1. Hi Helen, well I have two options for girl with keys. I have a small print it’s matted to a 16“ x 20“ format. It is $75. The other option is a large print the unmatted print is 26“ x 20“, it could be matted to a standard size of 24” x 30” if you used a 2 inch Mat all the way around. So it would be a large piece and it is $100, unmatted. I am happy to leave both prints at the gallery and you can stop by at your convenience to take a look at them.

  2. Happy to hear back from you Renee. Please let me know when you were able to drop them off at the gallery

      1. Thank you Renee for responding. I’ve decide not to purchase “Girl with Geese”. I think it would compete with “Garden Girl” which I really love.

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