Work in Progress

I’ve been super-inspired lately! With lots of extra time during our Covid 19 social distancing, I’ve been so busy going to my studio and working on lots of new paintings. Here are some of the works in progress.

Some of these are now completed and you can see them at “New Work”. Others are still be finished. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments and support.

cradled painting panel
Starting a new piece

I’ll be applying imitation gold leaf to this large wood panel to prepare it for a new mixed media collaged artwork.

applying Gold leaf

an adhesive is applied and after a few minutes it becomes tacky. The gold leaf sheets are carefully laid onto the sticky adhesive and softly brushed in place

leaving some of the bright paint to show
Ready for the next step

The panel is now ready and I will be sketching a loose composition on top of the paint and gold leaf.

Roseate Spoonbils

This is a piece on my easel now. It is a 36″x36″ cradled board that has been gold leafed. At this stage I have sketched a drawing that will be my composition.

adding collage

Now I start to collage with patterned paper that I have previously painted.

continuing to collage

I will be covering the majority of the gold leaf with collage.

moving forward

I am looking to develop shadows and a realistic rendering of the birds.