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It often seems that everything in my life is “in progress”. I am a “starter” for sure… that is a positive thing. Finishing in a more timely fashion would be incredible but I’m working on that… In progress.

Beau and Sweet Pea at Christmas

I don’t know how other artists and creative types handle all those pokers in the fire. Actually I know quite a few artists and a lot of them share this trait of staying focused on projects and finishing all the exciting endeavors that were so much fun to start. I will be sharing starts and middles and finished pieces of art.

I LOVE weiner dogs… really love them. There are puppies... two young weiner dogs; Henry Beaumont and Sweet Pea and they are definitely works in progress.


I have been cooking since I was 12. It is truly a passion and I love to share beautiful ingredients and recipes and pictures of the dishes I love creating. Do you know how many types of peppercorns there are? A Lot.  I love peppercorns. Cooking, baking and canning are some of my favorite creative activities, especially when life prevents time in my studio.

I love so many creative ventures… as diverse as my interests in art; painting, printmaking, mixed-media, beeswax, resin, and there are more… I LOVE cooking and growing things, writing and BIG PROJECTS and challenges.

This blog will be challenging. Narrowing down subjects to share and staying focused. Also, I like to sing but promise not to post any “self-concerts”. 99% of the time, I am happy:) you will see:) a lot. Now lets get started:)

I would describe myself as an artist; a southern expressionist; being heavily influenced by my surroundings and bringing the experiences of growing up in the South, into my artwork. I grew up in Daytona Beach, Florida, and attended the Artquest School of Art & Design; squeezing in classes between working and raising a family. I love God and enjoy exploring his beautiful creation in my work. We moved to Indialantic, Florida in 1996. I paint and teach in my studio, Artescape, in Historic Downtown Melbourne, Florida. I am represented by Fifth Avenue Art Gallery located in EGAD (Eau Gallie Arts District) Melbourne, Florida.

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